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Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Believe it or not, I never thought that I would be a lesbian. I was a girl who always enjoyed admiring men’s bodies and I always bought men’s workout magazines just to admire the well toned bodies in them. You will be surprised to learn that at the age of 23 I was still a virgin. The reason for this is that I had grown up one of those fat girls with braces and my best friend at school and in college was the school nerd. So, I guess you can now understand why I did not lose my virginity while in college or even when I turned 18.

Anyway, putting my depressing past behind, I had decided that I would not turn 24 before losing my virginity. I needed a man to fuck me senseless, or at least insert his penis into my vagina and give me a taste of what it’s like. I had tried throwing myself at a number of male colleagues at work but they seemed to avoid me like the plague. I had visited a couple of pubs in the neighborhood looking to be picked up by any kind of man, but this had failed, as men did not even bother to look at me. (more…)

Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:54 pm

Bella arrived one again. “Well, it is very nice to see you again replied Bella to Carlos” Without a hesitation he whispered few words “ I love seeing you next to me and do crazy things together”.” It was a buoyant night last time, remember? “Oh Yes, indeed Bella closed the door and entered my apartment wearing a short white-blue dress that you could see her chic red underwear. My eyes concentrated only on her tall body with emphasized big tits. I did not sleep, it was all reality! I offered her a glass of wine from Bordeaux as an relaxed overture before a stunning nigh with Bella. The atmoshepre was already warm and more than romantic as her eyes were burning and she was sweating because I could see it as I was very close to hear and could feel her slow breath. The air was cool and lacked some warmness. It was soon delivered. We had long conversations as usual on different issues. After we finished our drinks we headed to my room with a big bed like kings of France had. It was coming to happen.

Bella closed the door and turned her body to me. I was amazed how passionately she did it. She started to take her dress slowly-slowly just to increase my libido. While she was taking the dress off, she whispered “let`s do it again and better like it is the last time!!” She jumped on me and we laid down on the bed together. I was taking her red bra fast to feel her third size bust and kiss it non-stop. She stood and took her panties off and was completely naked and ready and burning. She bent down and touched her already wet pussy and shouted “go in my evil teacher”. (more…)

Posted on: at 10:54 pm

This was one of the last days of summer. She visited me in the South of France. She is tall, slender brunette with a true test features, long hair and green eyes. She had a very beautiful chocolate colour tan. Her name as Elizabeth, very romantic on the one hand, and very buoyant when it comes to sex. We started our day with a glass of good French wine. She told me how she became a professional escort and how demanding it is these days. I met Elizabeth 3 times already and it was the fourth and the most remarkable. Her words and actions speak loud at the same time, so after we spoke for a while we changed the situation into actions.

We closed the front door and turned and kissed each other. I immediately kissed her neck, then a little bit of her skin, she pulled her head back and I could feel her breeding frequently. I got up and lied down on a king-size bed. She joined me as well. I turned to her and kissed her like I never did. I hugged her and heard a sound of her bones in the back. But I did not pay much attention to it because I wanted sex at that time so much.I was lying on her kissing her neck and licking earlobes. She breathed often and lightly moaned. I sat down on my knees jerked and pulled her topic off to fondle her body. My arms behind her back and I got rid of the main element on her body- bras. My lips greedily contacted her brown nipples and she embraced my neck. I went down below the breast to her stomach, she bended under my lips as a gymnast. I liquidated her belt, then button jeans and unfasten zip on her jeans. I sat down on my knees, pulled over the jeans and sharply took them off. (more…)

Posted on: at 10:52 pm

The middle of September. I am in the Underground, going home from university. Train crammed full, no seats available. Stuffiness terrible, just can not breathe, if everyone could breathe twice less and also if people had washed themselves in the morning, It would be easy to enjoy the ride, otherwise it feels unbearable.Cursing everything, I was going through my memories about my holiday this summer in South of France where I was together with my girlfriend. This was my best summer holiday. Such a crazy sex I have not had for a long time.

Behind someone opened the window. Travel became easier, a nice cool breeze blowing my head. I couldn’t understand did it happen because I got turned on from my sweet memories, or because of cool wind or from a sudden surging excitement, but my nipples start rising up from my thin lacy bra under tight fitting T-shirt.

I remember the perfect Mediterranean Sea which sparkled in the midday sun and blue sky, her sexy smile,  londg blonde silky hair, beautiful toned sexy body and blue, blue eyes smiling down on me between kisses and love in the afternoon.

She loves kissing me…everywhere… Oh…kisses!!! (more…)

Posted on: at 10:51 pm

Alexia and Helen make an early start in the morning.

Alexia was woken up early this particular morning on Sunday as a familiar buzzing noise broke into her slumbers.

Smiling she looked at the clock and noticed the time was 8.30 am. She turned over to face her sexy girlfriend, Helen. Helen had her eyes closed and was playing slowly with vibrator around clit, this steady noise had woke up Alexia. Helen seemed lost in her own world of pleasure.

Alexia thought to herself how sexy Helen look is especially when she is so horny, involuntarily Alexia moved slightly closer to Helen and started to kiss her perfect 36E natural tits.

“Baby, I didn’t mean to wake you. Helen whispered I was trying to be as quiet as possible,”

“It’s ok. I am glad I did wake up, now I can help you out,” Alexia replied to her as she took the vibrator from her and turned it off.

Alexia then straddled her girlfriend and started kissing and moving her tongue down Helen’s smooth neck, lips and then started to bite it softly. (more…)