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Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:53 pm

She asks him what word he’d like to use as a password. Being a bit of a dick -head , he tells her to use word “penis”. She looks at him and says,

“Sorry. Not long enough.”

***     ***     ***

An Italian girl is going on her first date. Her mother  warns her about boys.

” They are only after one thing,” she says. “Don’t let him take liberties. Don’t let him feel your chest or your legs. Don’t play his privates, and don’t ever let him get on top of you – if you do that you will disgace your family.”

When the girl returns, her mother asks her how it went.

” We got soaked in the rain,” says the girl. ” So we had to go to his house and take our clothes off to dry them.”

“Mama mia!” says mother.

“It’s ok okay”, says the girl. ” I didn’t let him feel my chestand my legs, and I didn’t play with his thingy. But when I said I would’t, he started playing with it himself and then he said we ought to lie down.”

” Mamma mia!” says mother. Don’t tell me you let him get on top of you and disgrace you your family.

“Oh no”, says the girl. ” I remembered what you said, so I got on top of him and disgraced HIS family.”