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Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:52 pm

It was 1481 when the word blonde appeared in English lexicon, it had French connotations and background meaning in old French “blund” meaning a mixture between golden and light chestnut colour gradations. Women who are blonde or those who would like to become blonde are extraordinary type by nature, as first of all they have a special zest in them which we will talk about shortly. Secondly, there are always many stories told about blondes’ personality and exclusiveness from other types of women. Blonde women are considered to be archetypical of all women and there are basically logical explanations in relation to it. Going back to a classical example and blonde’s characteristics, they are famous of having light blue eyes, big smile, massive and beautiful bust, and furthermore, they are all easy-going ladies. The main point for blonde women is that true hair collared blonde women are becoming fewer and fewer on the planet, and for men this is a dilemma as they miss to get a great opportunity to be acquainted with true blondes. As for the most populous place at the moment with a high level of blonde women population is Europe and more precisely Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. In fact, many men admit the fact that they prefer blonds the most than other coloured types of women. Firstly, every man would like to meet a real blond that is why the demand for blond women grows significantly. It is worth pointing out that blonde women have a very high level of taste in clothes and make up. Giving them some time, they turn themselves into queens. They like wearing elegant dresses with grace pearl added bring a more luxury appearance to them. A bright lipstick will always make a blond woman face to shine and smile. (more…)

Posted on: at 10:52 pm

It is not a big secret and one`s fantasy, that brunettes are second ranked types of women by popularity after blonde women. A genuine blonde is under future evanescence, while brunettes are those who will play a leading role in relation to males. Many cultures of the world evaluate their women with different criteria. For example, in the West, men characterize brunettes as being sophisticated, serious-minded and persistent. On the other hand, to generalize brunettes as a symbol of enigmatic and simultaneously magnetic character, here we can emphasize qualities like possessing a high level of intellect among brunettes, loyalty to somebody whom they love and like and to something they like doing and being inspired of doing. Moreover, brunettes are notorious of having an extraordinary temper similar to a tigress. Their character depends however on a variety of criteria. Literally, the word brunette caricaturizes a storm of emotions and on the other hand a fantan of passion and “insanity” of romantics. A brunette has been an ideal and dream for many writers for centuries, and many brunettes are found in most popularly-read imaginative literature books. As for brunette`s visual appearance, these women have no problems to charm men, and they use many secret tools on how to attract men`s attention. You will never feel lonely with a brunette, this is a classical motto to all men. (more…)