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Posted on: November 20, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Summer was finally here. I had been waiting for this day for the last one year looking forward to making that trip to Paris as I had agreed with my dad. His company was sending him to Paris or to audit their branch there and he had agreed to take me along. The past one year of university had been a drag but I only had one semester to go and I was looking forward to getting into the employment world. But first, I was looking forward to some fun and excitement over the summer.

I picked up my things from my room and hugged my roomie Steve who did not seem to be in a hurry to leave campus. I guess he was heading home to their farm in Alabama, which was definitely not a good prospect for the summer holidays. Anyway, I was home in four hours and I got busy parking my summer clothes as we were to leave the very next day. Dad got home that evening and I was at the door to meet him. The look on his face told me something was wrong. I prayed it had nothing to do with our summer in Paris, but I guess that prayer wasn’t answered. He told me that the office had made changes to his work schedule and that instead of auditing the Paris office, he would be auditing the London office. I could not believe my ears. Instead of sunny romantic Paris, we were to spend the summer in cold, drab London. I was devastated. I wished my mother were still alive as I would have remained in the US with her. I proposed to stay behind on my own but that was out of the question. I went to unpack my summer clothes and replace them with winter clothing. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:34 pm

We had just had another fight with my girlfriend and I had stormed out of the house. It was 6pm in the evening the London weather was its usual lousy self. I strolled the streets of downtown London thinking about this 3 year relationship that was definitely coming to an end. We could not keep fighting this way and expect to work things out. This time around she thought I was having an affair with a colleague at work. Well, in a matter of speaking she was on the right track, though I had not yet had relations with the lady. But all the thoughts and intentions were there. We had been flirting for a better part of the year now and I was sure I would hit that very soon.

As I walked down Park Lane, a young man was at the corner of the street dishing out fliers. As I passed him he handed one to me and I noticed it was a flier for a London escort agency. Without thinking, I placed it in my pocket planning to dispose of it when I came across a dustbin. My thoughts were on how I could take advantage of this fight with my girlfriend and meet up with my workmate Linda. I decided I wasn’t going back to our apartment that night, but instead chose to sleep at a hotel.  I checked in a fancy 4-star hotel not far from where I was and gave Linda a call. She sounded all weird when I asked her out for a drink, but then I guessed she was just surprised. I asked her to meet me at the hotel bar and she was there in half an hour. She seemed a bit nervous but after a few drinks, we were back to our flirting selves. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:33 pm

I was safely back in London and after that incident in Manhattan where I was robbed by two allegedly elite escorts, I was happy to be back home. Yes….I considered this my new and permanent home. We had finalized everything with the lawyer and I was now a rich man. On the flight over I had considered quitting my job but I thought otherwise. I enjoyed my work and anyway what would I do all day if I did not go to work. I decided that I would make some investments that would secure my future and continue to work for my current employer until I got tired of the job or they got tired of me working for them. Since I had been allowed to stay at the company apartment for a small monthly fee, I decided to retain that.

Now that I was back in London, I couldn’t help but think of completing the night that had ended up on a bad note back in Manhattan. I needed a night out with duo escorts to complete that fateful night. I called my trusted London escort agency. Due to my new found wealth, I decided that I needed to get to know this escort agency that would be a partner in my future. I asked to speak to the Madame and after a few questions, they finally complied. I spoke to her briefly and we agreed to meet up at my favorite London watering hole that evening. I went to work that day as I thought about my proposal to the Madame of the London escort agency. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:30 pm

 Sasha and Anita were my entrée into the London escort world. Little did I know, but I was in for the ride of a lifetime. The next few years of my life would be something straight out of a novel. In fact, when I compared this with my previous life before I moved to London, I could actually be living a dream. Well, as long as the dream did not end, I was comfortable with it.

It had been a week since I had dated Sasha and the reason I had not dated any other elite escorts is because it was that time of the month and I was broke. I had come to realize that this was a slightly expensive pastime. Anyway, it was a week to payday and I had already written out my budget, factoring in two dates from the escort agency and hoping that would carry me to the end of the next month. There was only one problem though. I had come across a couple of ads on the escort agency’s website advertising lesbian escorts and duo escorts. This, I had to try out and knew it would cost me double if not more. Anyway, I decided I would make up my mind when the time came. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:27 pm

Mary was born an average girl in an average neighborhood, living an average life and born of average parents. Her life was as normal as the next person’s up until she turned 18 years of age. This was the changing point of her life. On her 18th birthday, Mary’s parents threw her an average 18th birthday, but little did she know that this was going to be the turning point of her life. The next few years would be a nightmare for Mary.

She invited all her friends for her party and they had a good time just like any kids would. Her parents were chaperoning the party but still some kids had managed to sneak in some alcohol. Soon enough everyone at the party was having a great time. Kevin, an average boy from Mary’s days in high school was at the party and he kept on following Mary around. Eventually they sat and chatted for some time after realizing that they had a lot in common. At about midnight, most of the people had left the party and Mary’s parents had retired to their room. Kevin was still hanging around Mary and soon enough they were alone in the garage. It was Mary’s idea to go there. She had thought about losing her virginity on her 18th birthday and just needed to choose the person she would lose it to. Kevin would be the lucky one. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:25 pm

My marriage was falling apart and I did not know what to do. My wife of 15 years was slowly drifting away from me and each day it seemed like we were drifting further and further apart. I loved my wife very much but the spark that was there during our early years of marriage just wasn’t there anymore. We had not been blessed with children and so it was just the two of us. We had gotten into a routine when we got home that saw us avoiding each other more and more. I would go to the pub sometimes and I would return during the wee hours of the morning and she would not object. She just didn’t care anymore. I decided that it was time to see a marriage counselor. She was agreeable to this and we set an appointment for two days later.

The marriage counselor just kept one repeating things we already knew and I wondered why we had wasted the £60 for that hour. As we rose to leave, she did say something positive. She said that we needed spontaneity in our marriage. She said that we should surprise each other. I decided that I would have to think about that one. Little did I know that my wife would have the biggest surprise for me the very next day. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:24 pm

I had just been accepted to begin my internship at the London Stock Exchange after completing my Undergraduate degree at the illustrious Oxford University. My dream had always been to join the London Stock Exchange and eventually the New York Stock Exchange. I was well on my way to achieving my dream. It was Friday and I was looking for an apartment to move into. I knew that my stay in London would be well over a year so I needed somewhere comfortable to live. My dad had already given me a good allowance for the apartment. He said that a lady must live in a proper digs. After searching the whole day, I finally settled on a two bed roomed apartment on the Upper East Side. This would be ideal in case my parents ever came to visit.

On Saturday I moved my luggage into the apartment and after some grocery shopping I stocked my fridge to the brim. Monday was a public holiday and I planned to spend my weekend indoors cooking my favorite meals and reading a couple of novels I had brought along with me. I prepared my utensils to make my famous (at least to my family) tandoori chicken and mashed potatoes. This took me all of one hour to cook and after I had finished the meal, I lay on my bed reading my novel. I think I had dozed off because I was awoken by a bell ringing. I listened again and realized it was coming from the neighboring apartment. To my surprise it was very clear, and even more surprising was the fact that I could clearly hear my neighbours voice as he answered the door and said, “how can I help you?” A lady answered him, also as clearly, “I am Michelle. I am from the London Escort Agency.” I thought I was dreaming because their voices were so clear it was as though they were in the same room as I was. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:22 pm

 It was one week later and I still could not get my mind off the stag we had held for Peter. My wife kept asking me why I looked so distant lately and I could not explain myself. I just couldn’t get my mind off that previous Sunday. After lazing around on the couch for most of the day, I told my wife I was going out to the pub for a pint. I left the house and headed out to the suburbs straight to the house I had been to before. Of course I was not surprised to see most of my mates’ cars in the yard. Even they could not resist coming back to this house of ill repute. As I parked the car, I reminisced about the events leading to Paul’s stag party……………

Paul was getting married in a few days time and the boys and I had decided that we would throw him the best stag ever witnessed in downtown London. The rest of the guys and me were already married so you can say that this stag was really for us, because we had been on lockdown for so long that we felt we needed a break. What better excuse than to hold a stag for one of our mates? We met at the local pub and decided to invite Paul too. There was no need for a surprise when he knew we would definitely do it. Over many drinks we decided to throw the biggest and best stag in the neighborhood. We thought of hiring strippers, but it was my idea to hire more exciting entertainment. We decided to get ourselves elite London escorts. This was after all the last mate in our crew to get married, so we considered this our last stag party. We agreed that cost would not be an issue. We then sat back to discuss the ladies we would invite. (more…)

Posted on: at 12:19 pm

Hi, my name is Jimmy and I am an addict. Actually, I am an escort addict. You may be asking yourself what an escort addict is. Well, let me tell you. This is a person addicted to hiring escorts, be they female or male to satisfy their needs, either sexual or otherwise. I have been an escort addict for 5 years now and it all begun when I moved to London on an office exchange program.

I had relocated to London for one year through our company exchange program and I was staying at the company’s furnished flat. I missed my friends back home and my co-workers in London were all married, boring people. Apparently the only single person had taken my place in America. Anyway, I had been in London for 3 months now and I hadn’t been out on a decent date yet. Of course I hired the occasional slut off the street to satisfy my needs but I yearned for companionship. I needed someone to talk to and even have dinner with. I decided to go online and check out those dating websites. After an hour of browsing, I figured blind dates were not the thing for me and I decided to check out the escort websites. I came across a London escort agency that advertised Eastern European escorts. I had always wanted to date a foreigner and so I set up a date. We were to have dinner the following evening. (more…)