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Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:50 pm

Have you ever been to London? Have you ever spent a night with a beautiful model escort girl? Well, if “Yes” or “No” we will help you to find a beautiful escort and get as much possible tips you may need when using an escort service. Beautiful and elegant, sexy and open-minded, charming and friendly London escorts will make your stay in London fun and more exciting.

If you feel like you need a company of a pretty girl to spend a nice time together, let us help you to organize it. There are plenty different escort agencies which list their Busty blonde escorts or sexy brunette models, young and sexy student girls who enjoy working as a London Escorts, those escorts girls are the best to spend time together. Whatever your choice is, you are in the right way for an adult entertainment. Beautiful blondes, brunettes, busty or exotic ladies are good for any occasions whatever you decide to do, to go out to a night club, restaurant, bar or just to spend some time in private. (more…)

All women from all over the word have different tips how to seduce and impress lover in the bedroom.

The Chinese scribes believed sexual energy(ching) flooded the body with positive vital energy( ch’i). Women were thought to have an unlimited supply of yin energy, while men had only a limited supply of yang energy. (“It’s so true!” one of our Asian London Escorts said, “We can continue to reach dizzying heights all night long”.

Men were not allowed to use up their yang essence without replacing it with yin essence. To do this, they had to delay ejaculation, making sure a woman had several orgasms first, thereby absorbing her was in danger of falling ill or dying. Full marks to the nymphet who thought that one up.

In the Tao dynasty, men and women believed they exchanged ching (sexual energy) during sex. New lovers were said to be full of ching energy. So the more lovers you had, the more energy you stored up. Orgies all round!!!

One of our Indian Escorts say about Kama Sutra, that this is Joy of Sex. Actually, kama means sensual or sexual pleasure and sutra are the fundamentals of yoga, so Kama Sutra is more of keep-fit spiritual sex guide. Famously Kama Sutra describes every imaginable sexual position, from the “ Milk and Water Embrace” to the “Lotus”(good for hitting G spot), along with advice on smacking, moaning and oral sex. (more…)

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We would like you to demonstrate the benefits and reasons of using our Escort services! There are many advantages that can be taken into personal consideration on why using Your Mademoiselle escort services and what can be done by our elite escorts from different backgrounds including ebony escorts, blonde escorts, brunette escorts, oriental escorts. Moreover, besides our escorts background, you may think of busty escorts from Latin America or Eastern Europe, or perhaps you prefer a tall escort from Asia or Central Europe. Furthermore, all our escorts regardless their background, and appearance are unique and that should a point to consider today! You might not be informed, but Escorts especially our London Escorts can do many magnificent things and can bring very bright moments into your life. Here, we would like to make you conscious on what can be done by our sexy Elite London Escorts. Our Escorts are very sensitive and gentle and one of the most admirable qualities of our Escorts is to share their sensitivity and tenderness with you on maximum, and they perform excellent on it. We actually call our Escorts dream performers, because they do know how to bring your dreams into reality. If you like living an expensive life-style, you would definitely have to use our Escort Services. You will need an Escort who is a nice-looking and can only paint in bright colours you lifestyle. Imagine yourself being at Grand Prix Formula 1 in Monaco where you would be able to take one of our hot and tall Escorts from Eastern Europe. (more…)

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When summer time arrives there is always something to do, but we are only given 3 months time to spend it memorably. Summer time is unlike other 3 seasons and this is why is very popular and welcomed by many people around the world. Many people make plans visiting other countries during summer, sometimes people travel individually or in a group. Here we are offering another idea on how to spend your time best, memorably, with lots of positive emotions and feelings. London Agency Your Mademoiselle knows the answer on all the questions regarding summer and how our hot like sunny days in summer London Escorts can make all moments highly exotic and hot. London city in summer time is highly popular and most visited. There are many things to see and every time there are new amusements around the city. Our Elite Escorts have got very big experience in summer time as they know which places to visit in summer London best. As London is very hot in summer, it is highly recommended to use our Escort elite services. You can be for example with a busty escorts, brunette escorts, she will only add bright moments into your summer time. You can take our Eastern European Escorts for example to city restaurant in a terrace on a fresh air where you will be able to have a nice conversation on topics you will like to speak to. She will be sitting in front of you with her legs on the other and passionately looking at you. Her beautiful tan will be a best composition in summer. (more…)

Have you ever heard what can London escorts bring and how your desires may come true? Our Escort Referral Service is designed to provide a first class Escort services including different types of Escorts and services they can perform. All about it in a minute! Our London Escort Referral Service always tries to meet our customer’s ends and preferences providing flexible and many-sided Escort Services. Your Mademoiselle Escort Referral Service status is determined by arranging Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts, Busty Escorts, Duo Escorts, Eastern European Escorts, Ebony Escorts, Latin Escorts, Elite Escorts, Oriental Escorts, Slim Escorts and Tall Escorts Services. As you can see, we offer a variety and combination of different services having only best from most popular and beautiful places in the world where the most beautiful Escorts are and who are willing to work with us and reflect their either sexual, wild or hot-tempered ambitions. All our Escorts provide magnificent services, even a body or erotic massage. For example, a blond Escort from Your Mademoiselle with her beautiful blue eyes wearing a white t-shirt with a strong red brassiere and looking wildly at you. You will be paralysed, and slowly, slowly she is coming next to you… The next is part of her and your imagination.

The good thing about our Escorts is that they all understand men from a half said word, we can classify them as mind-readers! Tall escorts are best seen in a beautiful evening dress or wearing a short skirt showing her beautiful tall and elegant legs. If you are planning to go for example to any movie premiere, our tall Escort will perfectly suit you and paint your evening in bright colours making you a man of the night and her as the best escort of the night. (more…)

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Dear male generation, we would like to introduce you a statistical result on what caliber type of women is more demanded and desired by men population nowadays. There has been a research conducted and ultimately showed some interesting and on the other hand controversial results. By nature, in actual fact, people are decision-makers, and before making a final result, people choose. In this article we are reflecting and to some extent helping men with their conclusive decisions. What type of woman is more fashionable, attractive, desired, notorious and sexy these days? We will answer this question shortly. The research was convoyed a by a group of social scientists in the UK, and in the result they were ultimately convinced again about the nationally-statistical fact that women with dark hair are taking the a far leading position in terms of popularity and demanding efficiency for men. There are a variety of factors explaining why present-day men are inclined towards dark-haired women or in other words, brunettes. The first two opening factors on the reality are intellect and judicious wise of brunettes. In a mathematical proportion calculated by the social scientist, 51% of men consider brunettes more attractive and interesting. The experiment conducted consisted of an easy task performance.


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What could be better than an orgasm? Only multiple orgasms! It turns out that in order to get it, people do not necessarily have to eat exciting food or half-day walking in the erotic lingerie. Super-orgasm! The good news is that you can plan and organize it easily! Partners in this case have to select a suitable position in bed. For women in order to get multiple orgasms have to follow next guidelines: Most often, it can be exposed to the G spot, which is located on the front vaginal wall. To stimulate it men need to take a position from behind. The result is better in the position where a woman stands on a her knees, and the man is on the floor. Also in this sensitive area it is convenient to work in “an officer position,” when a woman’s legs are on the shoulders of a man-it seems as that they are fishing. For the better impact on the sensitive anterior wall sexologists recommend the following position: A woman has to lay on her back with bent legs at the partner`s waist. You to experience a multiple orgasms, a man must work with his dick on the G-spot and at the same time on the area under the belly, massaging the uterus.

For a continuous orgasm to be done, please take next steps for further consideration. It is achieved by acting on the cervix, as it contains many nerve endings that makes women very sensitive during sex. However, the reason why so many women have never experienced such an orgasm is because a man`s dick could not reach the cervix. For such an orgasm to happen the ideal position is when a woman is on top and a man on his back. The secret is to lean back, resting women`s hands on bent knees men. In this position, the cervix is stimulated the best. (more…)

Once the great queen of Egypt, Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar with wine made from grapes of Brackett sort and Mark Antony was seduced by aromatic rose oil, which was coming from the Queen. These days, modern London Escorts in fact use similar tricks and mostly use their own creativity and imagination that fulfill desires of men. Your Mademoiselle London Escorts being professional in this context could give a good advice to the queen of Egypt on how to impress a man in sex. For this to happen there are a few moments to consider.

Sometimes, partners have a very short sex because of a variety of factors. The only thing that is important sex to happen is a positive spirit. What does a woman has to do before the arrival of her partner? Well, she can read a few pages of an erotic literature stroke the clitoris or see fragments from an erotic film. As soon as a partner appears, flushed Busty Escorts attack her sexual victim and give him unbelievable feelings. The place of an action does not play an important role here, as both partners are concentrated on physical outcome so in extreme case both can have physical connection in the kitchen`s table or in the bathroom. New discoveries in entwinement increase libido of both. Both a man and a woman will be psychologically and physically happy. This in turn stimulates the grow of endorphins- small molecular of happiness. This is only a small part of what Elite London Escorts can in fact do to emphasize a man`s self-esteem. Now we have come to an essential part of intimacies among all partners. (more…)

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The topic on what is the most sex appeal part of female`s body has already become the classical part of discussion among men. This issue has been analysed and practised many times. Some men are ready vigorously to defend the legs, while others give priority to fanny, and the third group claims that appearance is not important (yes, of course, that’s right!). But all men agree on one thing – that “nothing” can match the charm of a beautiful woman’s breast. Men are just drawn to it like bees to honey, and that is true of all men. It is argued that many people did not know a one important aspect of a female`s breast that besides looking at it is exiting, enjoyable and as the secret goes- useful.

This discovery was made a group of German social scientists who concluded that the above-mentioned process of a woman’s breasts has beneficial effects on men`s health and it results in longer life expectancy for 4-5 years. This is very good news for men. According to their study, the gallant 10-minute observation of beautiful forms is equivalent to half-hour program of physical exercise in the gym. At the same time, the best result is when it is viewed from different angels. The project involved 200 men who every day for 5 years intently studies bosomed beauties. As a result, it showed positive result for men, on other words, blood pressure decreased significantly, pulse became calmer and at times reduced the likelihood of any heart disease. (more…)

There have been a significant number of articles, books and other similar print and electronic publications written on the erogenous zones of the human body. In this article we will tell you about erogenous zones on the woman`s body. Women`s breast is as a symbol of symbolism. Yes, the discussion here will be on breasts exclusively and its natural zest. In fact, by nature, on men`s consciousness and unconsciousness levels it is inherited that a female`s breast is best, perhaps, the most attractive part of the body in general and the most famous part of erogenous zone. Let’s leave aside the innumerable epithets, which were awarded to the women’s breasts.

It is now better to concentrate your attention on this phenomenal part of women`s body, as it is worth doing so. Recently, there was a growing popularity of the theory that explains the origins of mutual sympathy between a man and a woman, it all lies in the coincidence of a set of banal stereotypes and certain external images that are embedded in men`s and women`s subconscious. The theory itself may seem unromantic, but copes well with external mysterious and inexplicable choices people make. As for the female`s breast, the effect of coincidence works even at the stage of initial acquaintance when the man has no idea how it looks because a woman may hide it, paradoxically, men subconsciously know how it looks like. (more…)