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Posted on: September 14, 2013 at 10:44 pm

John has always been coming to London from Leeds to meet up with friends, this time he come here for business meeting. He booked an elegant, five star hotel in Kensington just right in the centre of London, recommended by his friend. He have a business meeting tomorrow morning so he had a whole evening to himself and was thinking about how to spend it. He thought that he is up for something kinky and get arrange a meeting with one of Kensington escorts

He asked Alexandra to come to meet him at the Hotel Bar, so they can have a drink together and get to know each other before they will go naughty.

He come to meet her outside of the hotel. Alexandra arrived dressed beautifully and elegant, as John requested, in a black mini dress, stockings and black stiletto shoes with6 inch heels. She looked stunning, like a real high class escort, no doubt. John immediately caught the scent of her perfume and appreciated her long well-groomed hair. Alexandra was young blonde escort from Eastern Europe, very sexy, slim and petite with large breast.

They walked in to the Hotel Bar and John couldn’t take his stare from her rear and was hoping that the dress, that was swishing around as she walked, would show what she was wearing underneath, but it didn’t. (more…)